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Efficient, Reliable, Discreet

We appreciate that follow-up on projects and maintenance tasks are often equally as important as the initial construction. Our mobile service technicians are readily available and centrally located for warranty work, repairs, and emergency fixes.

Our Service Department is centrally located in Greater Vancouver so we can access your location in a timely manner. We have a number of trucks and vans each equipped with qualified and experienced service professionals that are readily available to respond to your needs.

Common issues we address are exterior enhancements such as concrete replacement, reworking doors, and hardware, modifying an existing space to serve a new function and a range of touch-up, maintenance tasks.

With our extensive experience in commercial spaces, we are equipped with the tools, the knowledge, and the people to address your servicing needs in a manner that minimizes interruptions to your business’s operations and your buildings occupants. 

The Reotech Way


Our main goal is working with clients, consultants, and trade networks in a unified team approach that drives success. Construction disciplines can be very complex, so by seeking the input of the very best and coming together with ideas, we develop a strategy for delivery.

Solution Driven

We hold a strong belief that there is no problem that can't be overcome. We find that solution, no matter how challenging it might be. If there is anything we have learnt in 30+ years of building, it is how to think outside the box, and seek input from the people around us to create solutions.

Value Added

Adaptability and flexibility are critical assets in the fast-paced construction world. We are always ready to adapt to the needs of the entire project team. Our fleet of service vehicles and technicians stand at the ready to assist with any additional needs, long after the project is done.


Since 1989 we have been developing extensive trade networks, consultant relationships, landlord & building owners' trust, and a long list of satisfied customers. Locally-owned and retaining many long-term employees, we have a reputation as a quality, trusted builder.

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