Project Management

The benefits of working with a range of experts across Greater Vancouver.

Our project management service involves our experts taking over coordinating teams such as design, specialist trades etc., to streamline the process and create a hassle-free journey.

Project Collaboration

With Reotech, when serviced to provide project management services, anyone working on that project is part of the team. We treat everyone with the utmost respect, expect the same high-quality service that we have promised our clients, and when we inevitably hit a bump in the road, as happens with every construction project, together we fix the issue and move on.

Our Process

The benefit of project management for the client is to have one main source throughout the process which alleviates the stress of organizing and coordination of multiple people. We become the main source for interior designers, specialist trades, contractors, and consultants. We manage every aspect of the project from applying for building permits to demolition and disposal of building materials.

This approach leads to more effective production, creates value engineering, reduces mistakes, and maximizes the use of materials and procedures for a more cost-efficient process. Project Management allows you to get a speedy price estimate, cut down on overall completion time and reduces costs, without compromising quality.

The Reotech Way


Our main goal is working with clients, consultants, and trade networks in a unified team approach that drives success. Construction disciplines can be very complex, so by seeking the input of the very best and coming together with ideas, we develop a strategy for delivery.

Solution Driven

We hold a strong belief that there is no problem that can't be overcome. We find that solution, no matter how challenging it might be. If there is anything we have learnt in 30+ years of building, it is how to think outside the box, and seek input from the people around us to create solutions.

Value Added

Adaptability and flexibility are critical assets in the fast-paced construction world. We are always ready to adapt to the needs of the entire project team. Our fleet of service vehicles and technicians stand at the ready to assist with any additional needs, long after the project is done.


Since 1989 we have been developing extensive trade networks, consultant relationships, landlord & building owners' trust, and a long list of satisfied customers. Locally-owned and retaining many long-term employees, we have a reputation as a quality, trusted builder.

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