Tenant Improvements

If you are looking to improve your new or existing space, Reotech is your commercial interior specialist. We work with our clients from the leasing stage throughout project completion to configure your space and build-out requirements.


Are you considering renovating your existing space? Reotech is your go-to commercial interior contractor. Whether you are looking for a minimal upgrade, creation of new offices, or open concept work spaces, we can work you an your team to meet your business expectations.

Corporate Upgrades

Is your location considering upgrading the existing space? Do you need to remove large offices and create open concept work spaces? Whether it is a lighting, carpet, paint or full office upgrades, we have the team to meet your expectations.

Landlord Work

Are you a property owner or landlord needing a refresh on your lobbies, washrooms or common area facilities? We have the expertise to work in your occupied building. We understand the importance of scheduling and pre-planning to ensure minimal disruption to your tenants.


Reotech Construction understands the importance and intent of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program which encourages contractors like ourselves, architects and developers to create projects that incorporate recycled materials, construction practices, and renewable and alternate energy sources. We support LEED certified projects use it’s resources more efficiently, reduce energy consumption and realize operational cost-savings over the life cycle of the building.

Reotech Construction is LEED knowledgeable and experienced builders proud of recognizing and implementing alternatives that endeavor to meet realistic LEED project goals while minimizing environmental impacts and creating sustainable energy balance.

Looking for a commercial interior specialist?